Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break in the UK: Teachers Get 2 Weeks Off

One of the many benefits to teaching in the UK is the number of holidays teachers get. To see the school term dates, click here. Basically, every 6-7 weeks teachers get either 1 or 2 weeks off.

Today is the last day of the second term, and so begins a 2 week holiday for teachers and students. Our teachers are off to Greece, Paris, Ireland, Scotland, and plenty are staying in London to enjoy the spring weather and just relax.

I take the same holidays as our teachers, but just less of them. I am off to Los Angeles to soak up some sun and take a short break from doing interviews, checking references and all round preparing teachers for London. I'll be back in the office next Thursday.

So to love you and leave you, here are some of my personal favourite resources for teaching in London, England:
To apply for teaching jobs with a September and October start date, just send me your resume. I'll call you when I return from holiday.

Enjoy the spring wherever you are!

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