Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New UK study says Girls Are Dragging the Boys Down in English

This just in: Boys do better in single sex classes in English, but better in co-ed classes in Math and Science. Or so says a new UK study on boys and learning in school.

According to Jessica Shephard in the Guardian today:

Boys do best with "as few girls as possible" in English lessons at primary and secondary school, Steven Proud, a research student at Bristol University, will tell the Royal Economic Society's conference.

But when it comes to maths and science, both boys and girls at primary school achieve up to a tenth of a grade more when there is a high proportion of girls in the class, Proud found.

What do you think? Have you seen this in school yourself? I am always curious when it comes to gender studies in schools as I think they can be dangerous.

What does it really mean to "do better" anyway? Their grades improve, but are they better off for it?

I've never personally taught in a single-sex situation, so I can't judge it from first-hand experience. What about you? If you have, please share your insights below. Even if you haven't, please share!

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