Monday, March 23, 2009

Teachers & Twitter

Hey teacher! Do you tweet?

Twitter is growing fast & furiously, and facebook is changing its face to keep up. I'm not sure if I'm all that impressed yet, but I'm on there.

In the last few days I've discovered a few things about Twitter and how I can use it with Classroom Canada.

  1. Companies seem to be using it as an easy way to "spam" without actually spamming. People follow you, so if they choose to follow a company, it seems to be okay to just blast them with messages about said company. I'm not into that approach and will avoid it at all costs.
  2. If I check in daily, then I'll find at least one resource that's been shared through Twitter ("tweeted about") that I'll use at some point.
  3. Some people share better resources than others. I am learning who is who on there, and have found some fabulous resources from a long lost friend who is now a community-activist-techie-geek. Here's one I love - I will be interviewing the founder of Edu 2.0 next week so watch this space to learn more.
  4. Some people share a bit too much information (much like Facebook). I just "unfollow" when I see a tweet that's just a bit too much if you know what I mean.
  5. You can join groups like the Teachers Twitter group. Presumably this means you can meet other teachers, but I have yet to do this through the group.
  6. You can do real time searches by entering the keywords you care most about and see what people are saying right now. For example, If I enter "Classroom Canada" I can see what people are saying about us, if they're saying anything on Twitter at all.
  7. Say something you might regret and you'll regret it forever.
All things told, Twitter might become something every teacher uses just like facebook. Your school board and teachers college will tell you not to be on there as you might jeopardize your career (just like they said about teachers & facebook) but I know you're smarter than that. So, let's just assume you are going to use Twitter.

Use it wisely and it might just improve your teaching and increase your social network of teachers around the world. Use it to announce that you have the world's biggest hangover and can smell the beer on your breath while you're teaching and uh. Yeah. You get it right?

What do you think about all this twitter-stuff?


  1. I love Twitter. I use it three ways. I have a Twitter for my classroom that is private, a Twitter for my family that is connected to Facebook, and a school tech Twitter for my teaching and learning in and through technology (

    Having different Twitters lets me keep my information specific to each topic and I can't "over Tweet."

    I really wish it was unblocked at my school. I think it would be great for my students to use.

  2. Wow - that's a whole lot of tweeting! How do you manage to keep track of it all? I'm still so new to twitter, but I can really appreciate all the amazing resource sharing that is happening on there. I'd love to hear more of your ideas about using it with students. What about bullying? Is there a concern about students saying harsh things online through a classroom run twitter?
    Thanks for sharing!


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