Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Teaching Jobs in London, England: Apply Today!

I just got off the phone with my colleagues in our London office and have some fantastic news for you. 2 of the teachers that I sent over on Friday of last week are already working full-time. Lately, the teachers we send through Classroom Canada are getting placed into full-time positions so quickly that we can't keep up. We need more teachers in London and fast. How great is that?!

My colleagues have specifically requested more Canadian primary & secondary teachers to arrive by April 17th. This means, if you have your B.Ed or PDPP and are pretty much ready to go, I can guarantee you'll start working right away. Here are the qualities I am looking for:
  • flexible & adaptable
  • great people skills
  • outgoing
  • eager to get started right away
  • flexible with travel times (we are located at Oxford Circus, right downtown, but your travel time in London will be up to an hour on average - this is normal in a big city)
  • willing to teach anything from K-6 or 7-12 (or even better, K-12!)
  • willing to supply teach first to find the right school (this is what works for all of our teachers).
The "supply teach" part usually turns people off, but let me assure you that you will get at least 3 days/week if you are even remotely a good teacher. That's the honest truth! Just read the coffee times at the right hand side of this page, and you'll see all of the teachers reply that they work full-time. So if supply teaching scares you because you're worried you won't get enough days, then read up on it and see that this shouldn't be the case. It's never been the case for any of my teachers in the past 4 years anyway.

The reality is that most teachers start with supply teaching, and the teachers that arrive in April have a much better success rate in scoring the jobs they like for September. If you want your own class then April is the best possible time to arrive. The school year ends on July 20th, so you have a good 3 months of supply teaching or a short contract, then can start the year off as a classroom teacher in one school. At least you'll have options anyway. Most of my teachers find that they get at least 2 job offers from schools after they do a bit of supply teaching. When I say "a bit" I mean a couple of weeks. Some have to supply teach for a few months first, but because we have such a rigourous selection process, most of the teachers we send get full-time jobs right away. To top it all off, the Classroom Canada teachers over the past 2 years have been so fabulous that now we have schools who will hire our teachers right off the plane.

Sounds pretty good right? If you think you're up for an April departure and fit the list above, then please send me your resume as soon as you can. I'll interview you right away & help you to make the move. That's what I'm here for! I personally left for London after having my interview only 3 weeks before, so it's possible.

My email address is victoria at classroomcanada dot com. Feel free to call me as well (you can find the number on our website).

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