Friday, March 27, 2009

New Google Maps Allow You to See Street by Street in the UK

My co-worker, Nicole, just told me how amazing these new google maps are. I heard about this, but didn't realize just how useful the street view would be until now.

Check it out. I typed in: Classroom Ltd, 296 Regent Street, London. That's where our London office is. The photo above is a screen shot of the first image I saw. Walmar House is the building we work in out of London. Pret is where most of my co-workers grab a quick bite to eat. Oasis sells clothes, and I think I've even bought a pair of shoes there on my lunch break when I worked in London.

But then I looked to the left, and could see everything I would see if I were actually there in person.

See that long steeple/church thing at the end of the street? That's the landmark I use to tell teachers when they have gone too far. In the bottom right hand corner, you can see a little orange man. If you click on him, you can move him around and change your view when you're in google maps.

I then had some more fun and searched for my old apartment, 149 Notting Hill Gate. You can go check it out if you want to see where I lived. How weird is this?! I'm not sure if it's just plain creepy, or incredibly useful.

In terms of being useful, I imagine that you could search for your new school, see what the neighbourhood is really like and see if you really want to work in that kind of area. You can also check out your local area and see how close your grocery store is, the tube stop, the bus stops, the laundrette, your new "local" (pub) and so on. Isn't that amazing?

But then, of course, there are some people who will try to get "captured" in google earth. Just see this teenager's art work to see what I mean.

As far as I can tell, we don't yet have street view in Canada. I'm sure we will eventually though.

What do you think? Useful or creepy?

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