Monday, March 2, 2009

Interviews for Teaching Jobs in London, England

The university job fairs are almost all completed and I can now say that I am officially swamped with applications from teachers across the country who want to work with us in London, England. I am excited to meet all these great teachers, and to do phone interviews with those that are just too far to meet in person.

This Thursday & Friday, we'll be at the University of Victoria "Call Back" days (aka Job Fair). I don't do interviews at U.Vic simply because the student-teachers run around like crazy going from one recruiter to the next. For example, Marijka had 8 interviews last year, and happened to stop by my table at the very end of the day. I offered to interview her over coffee the next day. After all the offers poured in, Marijka ended up teaching with us in London. So, I figure coffee is the best way to help teachers relax, and gives us a much better opportunity to get to know each other.

I will be interviewing all day Saturday and only have a few interview spots open. If you're in Victoria (or close enough) and would like to apply for teaching jobs with Classroom Canada in London, then please submit your resume to victoria at classroomcanada dot com. If you're not in Victoria, apply anyway! I'll still be able to interview you on the phone.

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