Sunday, March 1, 2009

Classroom Canada Social - Wine & Cheese in Vancouver

The Wine & Cheese Event for Teachers in Vancouver was a fabulous success. I met some amazing teachers & left happy that I decided to hold the event. The Pacific Palisades hotel staff were more than accommodating, and the views amazing! I took the top photo before the event to show you what we could see from the venue.

We had between 15 to 20 people at the event, just enough to enjoy great conversations and not enough to feel overwhelmed nor shy. Michael & Tony from Lloyds TSB joined us and shared laughs with the teachers about Londoner-speak translated to Canadian (and vice versa). We had teachers from all walks, some with experience in London & plenty of stories to share, some with experience in Vancouver and others who are still in teachers college. Practicums are in full swing for the UBC teachers, so I was impressed at the group that took a night out from lesson planning to join us.

Krissy & I are discussing when we'll hold the next Wine & Cheese event, so please watch this space. I suspect it will be in Toronto in the spring.

Would you like this event to come to your city? Please share your thoughts below!

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