Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wine & Cheese Events for Teachers Across Canada

This Thursday, we're holding our first Wine & Cheese Event for Teachers in Vancouver. If the event is a hit, then we'll take it on the road and hold Wine & Cheese Events across Canada.

One of our teachers from Thunder Bay, Ontario is flying all the way across the country to come to the first event in Vancouver. Can you believe that?

Lani went to London last year with another agency and had a not-so-great experience which is why she's pretty keen to work with us & meet the others. Sadly, her story is a fairly common one. Her agency said they'd find her work, get her sorted with accommodations, help her to make friends, get her a bank account and so on. But when she arrived in London in September, she was pretty much on her own, alone and frustrated with the lack of work & staying in a hostel.

So, Lani did some searching online and came across this little blog. She read my ebook, and decided to return to London to have another go at teaching in the UK. Perhaps she was just with the wrong agency. I hope that's the case!

This is not to say that you're guaranteed to have a fabulous experience teaching with us. A lot of teaching comes down to you, the teacher. But I'm happy to help you decide when is the right time to arrive in London for you to find the most opportunities, help you meet friends, find accommodations with other teachers and not feel so alone in your experience. Lani arrived in September, the worst possible time to arrive in a new city to start supply teaching. Her agency should have advised her of this. I don't know why they didn't.

In any case, I am so excited that she is coming to the Wine & Cheese on Thursday. Krissy is also traveling all the way from Niagaga-on-the-Lake in Ontario to attend, although she's really coming for another one of our teachers' wedding in Whistler (lucky duck!). The timing is perfect for Krissy to attend both events. Lisa taught in Japan with JET for a couple of years before starting her B.Ed at UBC, then taught in London with Classroom for a year. She's now teaching in Richmond, BC. Lisa's a great teacher & loves to offer advice to help others make the journey across the pond. She'll be there as well!

We have a great group of teachers from SFU and UBC attending the event as well. If you can attend, please send me an email to victoria at classroomcanada dot com & let me know. If you live outside of BC, but know others in the area please spread the word.

Here is the link to learn more about the event. Please leave your comments below & let me know if you think we should hold an event like this one in your area.

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