Monday, February 2, 2009

What Teachers in London do on a Snow Day

Thanks to Sarah for the above series. I love the spikey hair on the snowman.

Thanks to Alex for the above series of photos. Great photography!

It's been a flurry of email activity today. It seems all my teachers were on facebook chatting about the snow day & posting their photos. I hear it will likely be another snow day in London tomorrow so another day off for teachers across London.

Thanks to Reba for letting me "borrow" these photos. I love the guy with umbrella - classic Englishman confused about what to do when it snows.

I spoke with one of my teachers from Montreal today and she's trying to organize some sort of social event in the snow tomorrow. I can just picture all these Canadians out there showing the British how to enjoy a true snow day.

In other news, I'm swamped with interviews with eager teachers wanting to teach in London, England for April 2009 and September 2009. If you're interested, please send your resume to & tell me why you'd like to teach in London with Classroom Canada.

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