Friday, February 6, 2009

Tutoring in Canada: How Teachers Can Make an Extra $700-$2000/month

So you're trying to save up some money to teach abroad and don't know where to start. You have a Bachelor of Education or are enrolled in a B.Ed program. What should you do? Tutor, of course!

Tutoring is by far the best way for you to earn money, use your skills, make valuable contacts & improve your teaching practice. The going rate in Toronto is $60/hour, but here in Victoria it's $35/hour. In London, England I tutored in the evenings and on the weekend and charged 25 pounds/hour, which turned out to be an extra 800 pounds/month.

I'm not saying that you should work your butt off teaching, then go home and work some more! No way Jose.

Just tutor a couple extra hours during the week and on Saturday or Sunday morning and you'll make at least an extra $700 or as much as $2000 if you're in a place like Toronto. In London, I tutored for 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday evening and then Saturday mornings for 4 hours. Add it up and that's a whole lotta cash. Sure, I was busy with teaching every day, but I really enjoyed my evenings tutoring one on one. In a way, tutoring helped me to become a better teacher by reminding me why I love teaching.

You could always sign up with a tutoring agency, but they take a cut of your profits and you won't earn much money that way. I have one teacher who went from earning 130 pounds/day in London, England as a teacher then returned to Ontario only to find very little teaching work. She now works full-time tutoring, but only brings home $10 hour because she tutors through a tutoring company. Sure, it's easier for her because they find her the students & provide all the materials she needs, but I say - who needs them? I've never used a service, except to advertise my tutoring.

For Find a Tutor, you pay a small fee (I think it's $30 for the year) and then they advertise for you. I have 5 students from them, so it easily paid for itself in just one tutoring session. I tutor now to keep my hand in education as I run Classroom Canada full-time, so am no longer teaching in a classroom. Tutoring helps me to remember why I became a teacher in the first place.

What about you? Are you tutoring or do you want some more advice about how to tutor in Canada or in England? Please share your thoughts below!

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