Monday, February 23, 2009

Teachers and Facebook: How to Protect Your Privacy & Keep Your Career

Teachers are constantly told that they should avoid Facebook. I disagree. I use facebook, most of my teachers use facebook, and I know some Head Teachers (principals) use facebook. I've even had a couple of Head Teachers in London contact me because of my networking on facebook. They were looking for great teachers and wanted to know if I could send them a few Canadian teachers. Facebook can be used as an amazing networking tool when it's used right.

On the other hand, I have seen some teachers use facebook in ways that aren't so great. They post drunken poses and have not changed their privacy settings. Not so smart!

Look, we all know that teachers go out on Friday nights. That's nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, I completely support going to the pub with a group of friends after a long week of teaching to vent, share stories, laugh & get it all off your chest. That's what makes Classroom Canada so amazing - our teachers support each other and let's face it, this support is often found in the pub on a Friday night. Pub culture in London is a large part of the experience. Even if you don't drink, you'll probably find yourself at your "local" watching "footie".

But there's a big difference between going to the pub in London and getting completely wasted to the point where photos are posted on Facebook that you might not want your students to see.

So, change your privacy settings!

It's really easy, and will take only a few minutes. Here's a great article on how to change your privacy settings on facebook & protect yourself from your students, parents, colleagues & bosses finding out more than you'd like them to know.

If you'd like to support Classroom Canada, you can become a fan through facebook here. You can even meet other teachers just like you, ask them how they enjoy teaching in London and if they can offer you some advice. That's what it's there for!

Do you have any other advice for teachers using Facebook? Please share below.


  1. That article is awesome! Now I can finally limit who sees comments on my page instead of just deleting inappropriate posts from certain friends who don't exactly censor themselves! Thank you :)


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