Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Day for Teachers in London, England

Do you remember that scene in Bridget Jones' Diary when Bridget is outside in her underwear and fur coat? It's snowing and beautiful and she looks ridiculous? Well, it's incredibly rare to ever see London covered in snow like in the movie.

In fact, when I taught in London for three full years from 2004-2007 I only experienced a couple of brief snowfalls. I always thought they were really pretty and reminded me of Canada but I wished the snow would stay on the ground longer than a few minutes. I like to build snowmen and have snowball fights!

The reality is that London is grey, rainy & cold in the winter. It's not cold like in Canada and is not often below zero, but it's still a very damp cold. My apartment in Notting Hill didn't have heat, so I used hot water bottles in the bed just like my grandparents did back in their day.

Well, today, London is indeed covered in snow just like the scene in Bridget. The government is calling this snow storm a "severe weather event."

Classroom Canada teachers are waking up at this very moment to find that they have a true snow day - every Canadian teacher's dream! I checked my facebook account to see that most of my teachers have changed their status updates to include praise for the winter wonderland outside their windows. Schools are likely closed as the buses & tube are down for the day. Lucky teachers! I don't suppose the students are complaining either. Is there anything better than a snow day?

Below are some photos I just "borrowed" from Matt in the London office. He's madly trying to work from home after spending a good 2 hours trying to get to our office at Oxford Circus. The city has literally ground to a halt. Rumour has it that schools will be shut tomorrow as well. Judging by the photos, I'd have to agree with the rumour. Keep in mind that London can't possibly have the snow plows needed to deal with this kind of snow.

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  1. It's hilarious because my roommate and I watched Bridget Jones' Diary last night just as the snow was really starting to come down!

  2. This is my first ever Snow Day as a teacher and I could not be happier, particularly as our school is notoriously reluctant to take such a decision. And as the snow continues to fall, I am starting to have genuine hopes for a repeat tomorrow....

  3. And it's even better that your snow day is a Monday at the start of February! Just when you need the break right? Hope you go out & make a snowman. Take a picture for me please! I am so envious.

    Let me know if tomorrow you get to have another snow day. Lucky, lucky teachers in London!

  4. I'll be putting a ton up on my Facebook...feel free to grab some of them. It is ridiculous the amount of snow that has fallen. And it's STILL going.


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