Sunday, February 8, 2009

Behaviour Management Advice from Mr. Grimes in 1947

According to Donald MacLeod of the Guardian newspaper, the above video is quickly becoming a cult classic with British teachers.

Your thoughts?


  1. There is a lot I can say about this teacher.
    I think that this can be helpful:
    The book and Training Video: PREVENTING Classroom Discipline Problems

    If you can get this book and video: [they are in many libraries, so you don't have to buy them] email me and I can refer you to the sections of the book and video [that demonstrates the effective vs. the ineffective teacher] that can help you.

    If your library does not have them, you can get them at:

    that are also used at this online course:

    See: Reviews at:

    If you cannot get the book or video, email me anyway, and I will try to help.

    Best regards,


    Howard Seeman, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus,
    City Univ. of New York

    Prof. Seeman

  2. Dear Dr. Seeman,
    Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will have to find the book & video and review it here on the site for other teachers at some point. It's great to see that professors from NY are reading this as well.

    Warm regards,
    Victoria Westcott


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