Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UK Government Agency Ofsted to Fire Boring Teachers in the UK

Here's an interesting article in the Guardian today. The UK government agency Ofsted wants to rid schools of teachers who bore their students. It's a very controversial issue that will be debated in the coming months.

Basically, the idea is that students misbehave because lessons are boring. Teachers are to entertain the students to engage them and keep them motivated to learn in school. Many new teachers from North America will agree with this, particularly in Canada where there is a wide divide between the teachers who have been working for years and are protected by the union (and are therefore very difficult to dismiss) and the new graduates who are desperate to try out their creative techniques but can't get employed.

In the UK, there isn't a job shortage like we have in Canada so the issue is quite different. There is a teacher shortage and so we specifically recruit Canadians & others to teach in London, England. But still, the debate about getting rid of boring teachers continues.

Check it out here. Also read Phil Beadle's follow-up article here. I've posted Phil Beadle's teaching advice in this blog before which you can find here. You can also watch videos about teaching in the UK on Teachers TV.

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  1. First and foremost, I am a teacher and NOT an entertainer. Another name for a children's entertainer is a "clown." Once again, the teachers are being blamed and nobody is attempting to focus on the root of the problem which, in my opinion, is ftile parents.

  2. That's my first reaction as well, and how will Ofsted determine who is a "boring teacher" as opposed to an entertaining one? It's all relative no?

    Some of my classes in London were certainly boring, but we needed those lessons every once in a while to calm the students down & get on with the teaching. I'm a huge fan of hands-on, interactive teaching using drama, art, games etc. But every once in a while the students need a good simple lesson. I wonder if Ofsted would judge my lesson as boring & have me sacked? Scary thought indeed.


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