Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After Submitting Your Resume at a Teacher Job Fair

So you met a recruiter at a teacher job fair & need to know what to do next. Maybe you had a great conversation or maybe you just signed up for more information. Your inbox is now flooded with emails from agencies trying to get you to "Pick me! Pick me!" and you just want to know what to do next.

If you don't know what to do at job fairs, please go see my Do's & Don'ts of Teacher Career Fairs and then come back to this blog post.

Here's what you should do after you meet a recruiter that you were impressed by. Tell them! It's simple and it gets you the interview. Is it sucking up? Sure. So what? It works. We're all human after all.

I met Nadia at UBC last Friday and when I opened my email on Monday morning I was pleased to see an email from her. Nadia did everything right at Friday's job fair. She dressed as a teacher, smiled, presented herself with confidence and humour. We talked heaps about London (I can talk a lot in case you haven't figured that out from reading my lengthy blog posts). I left the fair exhausted but excited about a few of the teachers I met that day. I must have spoken with about 500 teachers over 6 hours, with no breaks in that time. But Nadia made me happy that day and again on Monday morning.

I asked Nadia if I could share her email with you dear readers and she agreed.
"Hello Victoria,

I just thought I would drop you a quick email to say how lovely it was chatting with you today. Quick reminder, as I'm sure you spoke to hundreds of keen teachers, I am the English/Photography specialist, lived in Fulham, British-graphic-designing husband, and the story goes...

It was so nice to speak to someone who not only has UK (and Bangladesh!) teaching experience and stories from a Canadian perspective, but also the fact that you own the company and are out there recruiting, opposed to some hired salesperson! Again, I am so impressed with the company you developed. It was great to hear all your stories, tips and advice (particularly the on-side tutoring tip...who wouldn't love to earn a hefty extra bit?). I will be chatting with my husband more about seriously moving back to London and will definitely keep you posted. Should we decide to move back there, I will absolutely seek your help!

I'm sure you met with many individuals today and received numerous resumes, so in case mine may have been misplaced or ended up at the bottom of the stack, I've attached an extra copy! I hope to speak to you soon.

Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards, Nadia "
There are a few things Nadia did in this email that would work well with any teacher recruitment agency.
  1. She reminded me of our conversation & specifically what would help me remember her (pointing out her subjects, that she's already lived in England, British husband)
  2. She was casual but professional at the same time. She didn't use short-forms (like "u") but still wrote as she would speak, which helps me remember who she was.
  3. She expressed her interest in teaching with us and why she prefers our agency out of all the others out there.
  4. She showed her personality in the email, rather than an email that starts with "I'd like to apply for a teaching position with Classroom Canada."
  5. She re-submitted her CV.
Will I be interviewing Nadia for a teaching job in London, England? You bet I will!

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