Friday, January 30, 2009

Canadian Facts to Tell Your Students When Teaching in London, England

When teaching in London, England it's important that you know some random Canadian facts. Students will assume you're American, Australian, New Zealander or even South African because they have been taught by plenty of these nationalities before. You're unique in being Canadian and let's face it, the world does not know all that much about our country. They will likely know that Canadians like to wear their flag proudly on their backpacks, but won't necessarily understand why.

So, here are some random Canadian tidbits to help you teach your students a bit more about Canada.
  1. 90% of the world's gumballs are made in Canada according to Stuart McLean on his Vinyl Cafe podcast.
  2. The life expectancy of a Canadian female is 80 years, and for a Canadian male it's 73.
  3. In 1988 Palm Dairies of Edmonton created the world's largest ice cream sundae 24,900 kg. (54,895 lbs.) (fact taken from Life in the Twilight Zone blog)
  4. California has more people than all of Canada.
  5. Canada has 3.5 people per square km. The UK has 249.
  6. Lacrosse is Canada's official summer sport, and ice hockey is Canada's official winter sport.
  7. Many Canadians like to read magazines in the bathroom (simply called "the toilet" in the UK, meaning the room the toilet is in). This can be considered absolutely disgusting by others. We even read books like this series.
Here's a video your class will likely find fascinating:

Do you have any other tidbits to share with us? Please share your random Canadian facts below.

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