Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bullying in the Classroom - Jewish & Muslim students in the UK & reactions to Israel

The above photo is being passed along through facebook so I thought I'd share it with you. I also want to point you in Sarah Ebner's direction today. Her blog post about bullying in the classroom and the situation in Israel is an excellent examination of how children in the UK are affected by the situation there.

I'm curious about whether this bullying is global. Do you have a story to share about bullying as a result of the conflict in Gaza? Please share it below.


  1. How on earth did the whole classroom learn of her mother's religion in what is obviously a secular school? I suspect the story is made up, since Laura is almost certainly of European looks. Be wary, very wary, of accepting things on faith from The Times - they have an agenda in defending Israel at all costs. Or do you agree with the wholesale slaughter in Gaza?

  2. Hello Victoria (and Yan),
    Thanks for the link, Victoria.
    And no, the story is not made up. I do not "make up" what I write, thanks.
    In actual fact, I think it's very easy to find out about other children's religion at school. All sorts of different festivals and religious celebrations are taught and talked about in the classroom, so it would make sense for a child to volunteer information if one of these related to him or her. This may not be the case in the US (possibly where Yan is from?), where you can't "promote" religion at school, but here RE is part of the syllabus.
    Best wishes,

  3. I agree with Sarah. It is quite different in the UK in regards to religion in school, as children are encouraged to discuss their religions & taught about world religions from a young age.

    I also don't think it's fair of Yan to suggest that all writers for the Times are biased. Sarah's blog is well written, well researched and she was not presenting one side of the conflict over another (nor am I for that matter).


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