Friday, December 26, 2008

Stumble Upon, Interactive Whiteboards & You Tube - How to Use Technology in Any Classroom

Do you know about Stumble Upon yet? It's a website you can use to "stumble" through the web looking for sites that match your interests. So, for Classroom Canada, I state that I am most interested in education, and therefore teaching, teachers, teaching in London, England, schools, and so on. I then click on the stumble button on my tool bar and quickly flick through websites, videos, images and blogs & either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Many of the videos I've added to this blog were found through using Stumble Upon. If you want, you can see which websites & videos I've enjoyed by clicking on this link. Some are just silly, and some are really useful.

I found the above video in stumble upon this morning. I decided to share it with you for 2 reasons:

1. I wanted to tell you about Stumble Upon since it makes 10 minutes of random web searching much more interesting.

2. I wanted to tell you how easy it is to use Interactive Whiteboards in London schools. Let's say you have to teach your students anatomy, whether it be grade 1 or grade 11. A silly video like the one above can be found through using stumble upon, or teacher tube or you tube. You start the lesson with the video on the IWB, and bam. Your students are hooked. It's so easy! Then, you can carry on with your lesson with a class that is more engaged. Of course, you will need to have them using more hands-on tools as well, but this type of video is a fabulous lesson starter anyway.

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One last thing: The statistics for this little blog are outstanding! Since I first started writing in August 2008, this blog has had: 6496 page views, 3410 unique visitors, 2642 of those were first time visitors & 768 regular returning visitors.

So here's my question for you dear reader. How can I make this blog more welcoming to you to leave comments? I'd like there to be more discussion & networking in the comments, but need your help. Any suggestions or advice for me? I'd love to hear it! Please let me know below & thanks so much for your continued support & encouragement.


  1. hi Victoria! I think maybe you're giving us too much information, we have no questions left after reading your blog! But don't hold out on us haha! I would love to know more about living in London. I know you mentioned in one post that a teacher wrote up a little guide for new arrivals which I would be interested in reading. Pictures of the teacher's residents and neighborhood would also help me get a feel of life over the pond. Thank you!

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here. I'll get some photos of the apartments & post them in a post soon. Watch this space:-)


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