Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Funny Teaching Story & Interview with an OISE Teacher

Classroom Canada is hitting the road again! We're going to Toronto to meet with OISE teachers & interview teachers in the Toronto area on December 12th & 13th. Check out this post for more information about our Cross-Canada tour.

In honour of the OISE fair, we thought you might like to read this interview with Jessica, a graduate of the University of Toronto's OISE Bachelor of Education. Jessica taught in Toronto for a year before embarking on her adventure in teaching in London, England. She's an outstanding teacher so please read her advice & tips about teaching in the UK.

Here's a funny story from one of our teachers in London. Arlene writes this blog that she's agreed to share with you, dear readers. I laughed out loud, so hope you enjoy it as well.

"I had a lovely class of year fives on Wednesday outside of central London. They were really nice and well behaved. I have to say, though, I'm often amazed at some student's lack of knowledge about Canada. Each morning when I introduce myself I say that I'm from Canada and tell them how long it took me to get to London on an airplane and answer any questions they have about me or where I'm from.

Well, in this year 5 class (so, 10 year olds), after lunch the kids were working nicely on some writing when suddenly one boy puts up his hand. I figure he has a question about the work so I go over to help him. When I get to his table he puts his hand up to his ear (mimicking a phone) and looks puzzled as he asks,

"Miss, so did they call you in Canada this morning and tell you you had to come all the way to London to teach us?"

I honestly could not think of anything intelligent to say to that, so I just laughed. The TA started laughing, looked at her watch and said, "Well, you'd better getting going now, Miss, if you want to be home for dinner!"

Same kid, about twenty minutes later asks, "Miss, if we're good would you read us a story in 'Canadian'?"

After a brief explanation that 'Canadian' is not a language, and that we speak English in Canada just like in England, he then asks, "Well then Miss, could you read us a story with your accent on?"

My response: "Sure, I guess I can turn my accent 'on' for you guys... but only if you're really good for the rest of the afternoon."

Suffice it to say, we had story time and I read Robert Munsch... with my accent on."
Thanks for sharing this story with us Arlene! I love it.

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