Friday, November 21, 2008

Upcoming University Education Job Fairs

Most teacher candidates (also called student teachers) are starting to think about jobs for next academic year, but are busy preparing lessons for their student teaching. It's an incredibly busy & overwhelming time! Experienced teachers are also keen to get their jobs sorted for next year.

Here's a typical email that I just received this morning:

"I am currently completing the final year of my Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Alberta. I am so excited to finally become a teacher in April, and I am very interested
in teaching overseas. Something that I really like about Classroom Canada is that it seems to be composed of an amazing group of teachers.

Do you know it Classroom Canada will be partaking in the education job fair at the University of Alberta in January? Thanks, I hope to hear back from you soon!

Wow - thanks for the kind words. It's always good to hear from readers of this little blog. I completely agree - our teachers are fabulous!

Sadly, I don't think we're coming to Alberta this year. I wish we could! You can still apply for positions, and I'm happy to conduct phone interviews from Victoria. In fact, most of my teachers met me for the first time in person when I was in London just a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the dates & locations of a few of the job fairs we will be attending:

  • University of Toronto (OISE): December 12, 2008
  • University of Victoria (for a presentation): December 16th, 2008
  • York University: January 6th (book launch) and January 8, 2009 (job fair)
  • Brock University: January 9, 2009
  • Queens University: January 13, 2009
  • UBC: January 23rd, 2009
  • Nipissing University: January 29th (book launch) and January 30, 2009 (job fair)
  • McGill University: February 2, 2009
  • Concordia University: February 4, 2009
  • University of Ottawa: February 6, 2009
  • University of Victoria: March 5 & 6, 2009
You should also buy the ebook, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians (the American edition will be out soon). To apply, please click here.

On a final note, if you are a teacher or student teacher in any other region of Canada and want us to come to your university or city, write a comment below & let me know! If enough of you request that Classroom Canada comes to your town, then I can see if I can squeeze it in, or if one of my teachers can visit.

There are more than 2000 people reading this blog now (can you believe that?!), so I know there are more of you out there that we'd love to meet in person. According to the recent poll that just closed, most of our readers are student teachers which makes me think that there are more universities that I should visit. Please let me know which ones! Thanks.


  1. Bishop's University! (For 2009 now I suppose...)

    Just kidding, I will make the trek out to McGill if you come out that way this winter, or take a drive down island when I come home to Vancouver Island in December.

    Although, last year we had a recruitment agency visit from Melbourne, and that session got quite a large turnout ( by little Bishop's standards...) So it is something to think about!

  2. 'd love to come to Bishop's! Great idea.

    In October I will get the full list of possible fairs together & let you all know where we'll be this year (2009/2010 academic year). It partly depends on the teachers we have and where they will be when they return home. Krissy is one of our former teachers & she was able to go to more uni's this year which was amazing! So, I hope she returns to the same uni's as last year and a few more, plus we're looking at the east coast and the central parts of Canada for this year.

    I'd love to just do them all! Not enough time & resources though, and the uni's don't coordinate with each other so many of them are on the same days but different provinces. It's a big of a logistical nightmare.

    The big agencies just send loads of different people from England to each uni, but for what we do here at Classroom Canada, that just doesn't jive with me. Our reps know the English and Canadian systems really well so can speak from first hand experiences. Who knows, maybe you will teach with us and then return to Bishop's to talk about your own experience? That's the way I like it! Keep it in mind for the future. :-)

    Thanks for your comment!


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