Monday, November 10, 2008

Teacher Holidays in Europe

The PD sessions last week went really well, as did the CLassroom Canada Scavenger Hunt. Watch this space for photos of the events. They are hilarious to say the least!

The winners received 250 pounds worth of travel vouchers from Top Deck Tours, and second place winners received a 50 pound hamper from the Canada Shop. The teachers were filled with enthusiasm and humour and had a fabulous time running through the streets of London. Michele from Top Deck was a blast to hang out with!

I am now officially on holiday in Vienna, Austria. Just like our teachers who travel all over Europe, I am taking this week to do some exploring myself. A good friend of mine from Queens teachers college is here (teaching at an International School) so its great to visit and catch up.

Since I am away, this blog wont be updated for another week. Check out all the popular posts on the right hand side of the blog, as well as the ebook, Guide to Teaching in London.

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