Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Story of a School Making a Difference

Day 2 of being back in the UK office, and I'm swamped with exciting news about all my teachers and our schools. I'm leading a professional development workshop with Classroom Canada primary teachers & I am so excited to see them all again.

So, while getting ready I flipped through the Guardian newspaper to find this uplifting story.

The news in the UK tends to be very negative when it comes to reporting about education (just pick up any tabloid here and you'll see what I mean). It was so lovely to see this story today about a Manchester school making a real difference.

Here's my favourite quote from one of the school's teachers:

"All learning starts with the child's emotions. We offer them trust and constant support, and my door is still open to children I taught last year and the year before."

When you're reading about teaching in the UK, and hear all the horror stories about how tough it is, be sure to read articles like this one to see the teachers and schools dedicated to making the lives of our children better. And that's why I do what I do with our teachers and Classroom.

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