Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jobs for Teachers in London, England

Teachers always ask me to tell them about specific jobs we have in London so I thought you might want to know more about jobs as well. It's hard to tell you about all the jobs, as they literally change every day.

The schools call us and tell us what teachers they need, and then we send them resumes for teachers we think will fit their school and the role well. The Head Teacher (principal) or Deputy Head (vice principal) or team leader then requests to see a few teachers in person. They interview them, and usually see them teach an actual lesson (or even for the full day).

Once they decide, the teacher is informed and they get to make their decision. This whole process can take only 24 hours, or it can take weeks. So, when you hear an agency talk about jobs they have at the moment, keep in mind that they mean just at that exact moment. Jobs change quickly!

Here is a list of today's jobs that we have available for January 1st, 2009:

Science - 5 positions
Math - 6 positions
English - maternity leave until July 2009
English - 3 positions
Religious Education
Drama - start as soon as possible
History and Classics
Psychology (A Levels, which is grade 12)
Sociology ( A Levels)
ICT (Information & Computer Technology)
PE (girls)
PE (boys)
Geography - immediate start
French and Spanish teacher
Catholic Religious Education
Head of English (for a very experienced teacher)
Head of Modern Foreign Languages (very experienced teacher)
Head of Science (very experienced teacher)
Head of Math (very experienced teacher)

Year 3 - North London
Reception (Kindergarten) - Central London
Year 6 - for experienced teacher
Float Teacher (teaches Year 1-6)
Year 4 - East London
Year 2- South West London
Year 3 - Church of England School
Year 5 - for teacher with Music background (plays piano/guitar & sings for school singing assemblies)
Float Teacher (years 4-6 only)
Year 5 teacher - North East London

SLD (Severe Learning Disabilities)
MLD (Minor Learning Disabilities)
EBD (Emotional & Behavioural Disabilities)
SEN positions in mainstream schools
SEN positions in SEN schools
Hospital based positions
Home Tuition
Small group work (3-5 students)

This is just what we have today! Really, it changes every day so no agency can give you an accurate list of available positions. You can apply to the agency and then once you are cleared to teach (have your interview, your references, your police check, visa and all documentation) then you will hear more about specific jobs that you are eligible for.

You can read more about the shortage of teachers in London here. You can also download a chapter for FREE from the Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.

To apply for these positions (and more!), send your resume to apply@classroomcanada.com. Don't delay though as these jobs will be filled quickly.

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