Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who Teaches in London?

Here's another excerpt from the book, Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.

So, Just Who Teaches in London?

Teachers who enjoy teaching in London possess many of the following qualities and attitudes:
  • They are flexible and adaptable.
  • They are outgoing.
  • They “go with the flow” and adapt well to change.
  • They are eager to take on new challenges.
  • They want to travel, and appreciate holidays every 6-8 weeks.
  • They easily make new friends.
  • They see the glass as half-full.
  • They laugh easily and see the humour in everyday life.
  • They can shake off a bad day and start each day anew.
  • They are FABULOUS teachers!
  • They love teaching kids of all backgrounds.
  • They see kids as kids, no matter what their troubles are.
  • They believe all children want to learn, and its the their job to help them.
  • They know exactly why they are in London and remind themselves of that often (ie. “I am here to learn new things.”)
On the other hand, teachers who don’t enjoy teaching in London typically:
  • Compare the UK education system to the Canadian one and complain easily and often.
  • Complain constantly (“The tube is crowded!” “There’s too many people!” “The kids are horrible!”)
  • Think they should be treated like gold just because they are a teacher.
  • Think that everyone in the school should be grateful just because they showed up.
  • Think that everyone is out to get them (victim mentality!)
  • Don’t take ownership of their actions (it’s always someone else’s fault!)
  • Just want to travel and have forgotten about the teaching altogether.
  • Get depressed easily and find it difficult to get out of a “funk.”
  • Are only there for the paycheque.
  • Are only there to get a job because they couldn’t get one in Canada.
  • Have possibly chosen the wrong profession.
Which list do you think you fall into?

If you know you’re in the top list, then great! If you’re still not sure, well, this book will help you figure that out. The most important thing is that you read on, get prepared and figure out if teaching in London is really for you.

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