Friday, October 17, 2008

Teachers in London: Have a Cuppa

Years ago, I went to a presentation by a Head Teacher in London who turned failing schools into outstanding ones. I can't remember his name, nor the names of the schools he worked in. But I do remember one piece of advice that has stuck with me: T-CUP.

T-CUP stands for Total Control Under Pressure. It's simple, easy to remember and it works. When you find yourself in a class that just seems too much to handle, take a deep breath and think "T-Cup" and you'll be okay.

I had a very good Teaching Assistant at one point and she knew me well enough to know when to ask, "Miss Westcott, would you like a cuppa tea?"

It was her way of telling me to chill out, remain calm and in control. No matter what chaos was going on around me I could handle it. I was the teacher in the room after all! She was a brilliant TA and I'm forever grateful for her encouragement of me.

So, to all those teachers who are feeling tired, and wondering how they'll make it to the half-term break (it's 1 week away!), sit down and have a cuppa. You deserve it and the kids will appreciate you maintaining your calm, collected presence.

PS) When I say have a cuppa, I'm not meaning in the classroom. You can get in trouble for the hot liquids in the classroom. Save it for the staff room, or hey, just go to the pub.

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