Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian Teachers in London, England

This is the first holiday away from home for the vast majority of our teachers. To celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, I'd like to offer my 10 thanks to all teachers in London, England:

1. Thanks for choosing to teach with Classroom Canada. Your dedication & loyalty is overwhelming.

2. Thanks for telling all your friends about teaching in London with Classroom Canada. Word of mouth is the #1 way that other teachers find us, and frankly - it's the best way.

3. Thanks for your enthusiasm and passion for teaching in inner city London schools. It ain't easy (and to quote one of my students, "Ain't ain't a word Miss!").

4. Thanks for making friends with each other so quickly. Your support network is incredible. I hope you're all having turkey dinners this weekend together.

5. Thanks for your laughter.

6. Thanks for your encouragement of me with Classroom Canada. I couldn't do it without you.

7. Thanks for sharing photos of your travels and adventures in London with everyone in the private members facebook group.

8. Thanks for coming up with funny and creative techniques to manage your classrooms. For example, Alison has been singing opera in her supply teaching instead of shouting at the students. I think that's a brilliant idea and if I could sing, I'd follow her lead.

9. Thanks for doing interviews with me about your teaching in London. (See the right side of this page for the interviews).

10. Most of all, thanks for teaching. It's as simple as that.
We need teachers like you in this world, and particularly in schools in London.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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