Friday, October 3, 2008

An Email from A Canadian Teacher About to Depart for London, England

"Hi Victoria,

I just wanted to share with you a horror story from another agency. My friend from high school heard about this particular agency at an education fair at Brock university.

They set her up to go to England to teach, let her know there would be lots of work and plenty of opportunities to meet other teachers. She would be working and living in Kent.

She goes to England and has to stay in a hostel while she looks for a place to live. Everything is expensive or disgusting etc.

The agency does not find her any work in the two weeks she has been in Kent and when she asked the UK rep about socials and opportunities to meet other teachers they said that they don't do that.

She has since returned home and is considering Classroom Canada (because she talked to me and asked me all about Classroom) for a January return to the UK.

When I heard this story I had to tell you.

Thanks for being part of an agency who cares about their teachers.


Wowsers! Thanks for sharing this story with us Leah. Sadly, this story is one I've personally experienced and part of the reason I love what I do now. It's teachers like you that help me do what I do best - create a sense of community for our teachers in London so no one ever feels like your friend did.

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  1. Victoria- Thank you very much for your kind nomination. I have linked to you on my blog today.


Thanks for sharing your two pence!


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