Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bloggers Choice Awards & My Nominations for Best Education Blog

The Bloggers Choice Awards allow readers and bloggers to nominate their favourite blogs. I've nominated 3 blogs for the Best Education Blog for 2 reasons:

1. I like them
2. They relate to teaching in London and are therefore great resources for you.

In no particular order, here are my nominations:

To Miss with Love

Miss Snuffy's self-description is "I'm a black teacher in inner-city London and here are some of my stories... I love my job and I love these kids. But boy, do I sometimes wonder why..."

I love her blunt writing style - she does not hold back! A quick note on anonymity - I completely support blogging & also teachers maintaining their anonymity in blogging. I love being able to read a blog by a teacher that doesn't hold back. If your name is attached to your blog, then your students, their parents, other teachers and everyone else will read it.

So, to Miss Snuffy - thank you for your stories and for telling them from your perspective with honesty and humour.

I love the names she gives her students as well, like "Barbell," "Grimace," and "Pretty Boy."

To vote for To Miss With Love click here.

Mr. Teacher

Urban School Teacher's self-description is "As a dedicated learner, I am committed to and very serious about my role as a teacher. I love my job but it often drives me crazy. My intention with this blog is to give people access to the world inhabited by teachers and their students, to vent my many frustrations and furies, and to give everyone with an interest in education an idea of what is really going on in our schools."

I just found this blog a couple of weeks ago and so far I love it. Again, it's written by an anonymous school teacher in London telling his stories from the front line.

To vote for Urban School Teacher click here.

School Gate - Times Online Blog

I just went to School Gate to get the link and found they've posted their 7 best teacher blogs. We're clearly on the same page! Miss Snuffy & Mr. Teacher are in their 7 best blogs to read as well.

Here's the self-description: "The author, Sarah Ebner, is an experienced journalist who has been shortlisted four times at the British Press Awards, in 2008 for feature writer of the year. She was a producer and occasional reporter for BBC Newsnight, and also edited Sarah has two children and lives in London."

It's quite different from the first two and a very good read as well. It will help you understand the issues surrounding the education system in the UK. To vote for School Gate click here.

If you'd like to vote for our blog, please go to this link. Every vote is helpful and brings more readers to this blogging community.


  1. Hello
    I went to vote for your blog, but I also wanted to vote for the others you mentioned, and couldn't find them! Can you put links to them too - I couldn't work it out.
    Thanks very much
    I very much enjoy yours, so good luck!

  2. Hi Gillian. Thanks so much for pointing that out - you should be able to go directly to the links now. The only one you might struggle with is the 3rd blog, School Gate. The nomination didn't stick, so I had to nominate it again (?). If you search for it in the Bloggers Choice Awards site hopefully you will find it in a few hours when they've approved it. Thanks for reading & for your support!


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