Sunday, October 26, 2008

52 Reasons to Teach in London, England

  1. There is a teacher shortage in London.
  2. There is a teacher job shortage in most parts of Canada.
  3. There are more job options for teachers, from supply teaching, to having your own class, to float teaching to special educational needs teaching.
  4. The pay is good for foreign teachers, usually from 115-150 pounds/day (double that figure for Canadian dollars, or click here to get an exact exchange rate.)
  5. You get to live in one of the most exciting cities of the world.
  6. If you supply teach, you can actually have a life outside of teaching because you'll be done at 3:30 or 4:00pm and can go "oot & aboot" in London.
  7. Meet interesting teachers from around the world.
  8. Travel all over Europe & Africa in your free time. Flights are often free with Ryan Air. Top Deck Travel is also a great option for organized, affordable tours with other young people.
  9. Live with other Canadian teachers through Classroom Canada's accommodation (only 450 pounds/month all inclusive, which is less than 1 week's pay).
  10. 13 weeks holidays spread throughout the year. See this blog entry for dates.
  11. Teach students from around the world. Classrooms in London are incredibly diverse.
  12. Teach with other amazing teachers. Most teachers in London are young, and often half or more will be from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and all around the world!
  13. Improve your teaching practice by coming to our Professional Development Sessions about teaching in London, behaviour management, UK curriculum and more.
  14. Come to socials with our teachers. Make new friends you'll have for life.
  15. Travel to Scotland, Ireland, all across England on your weekends. You can get bus tickets for 1 pound here.
  16. Tutor in your free time and earn an extra 800 pounds/month by simply tutoring 2 nights a week and one morning on the weekend like I did.
  17. You can go celebrity spotting like our teachers do. Click here for pictures.
  18. Shop in Camden Market, Portobello Market and Spitalfields Market.
  19. You can buy your groceries in the same food market as Jamie Oliver.
  20. You can live in our accommodations in Oxford Circus.
  21. See amazing live music in places like the Camden Jazz Cafe and Brixton Academy.
  22. Go to see shows in the West End Theatre Area and get half price tickets for your favourite shows.
  23. Eat. Eat the best food from around the world in every kind of restaurant you can imagine. I discovered Ethiopian food in London and sampled more than 5 Ethiopian restaurants while teaching there. Turkish food is also plentiful and delicious!
  24. Try to devour a whole Full English Breakfast.
  25. Learn what the "Heathrow Injection" means and try your hardest to avoid it.
  26. You can learn how to hip-hop belly dance in your free time. Where else will you find dance classes like these?
  27. Learn any new language. You're bound to find someone willing to teach you.
  28. Travel to Brighton on the weekends and experience British beach culture.
  29. Use London slang like, "innit?" and "al'right?"
  30. Watch Eastenders every day after teaching.
  31. Go to Stonehenge. See the big rocks and take pictures.
  32. Go to Bath and spend a full day at the spa like the early Romans did.
  33. Visit Windsor Castle.
  34. Buy a book with London walks and take yourself on a walk once a month. I did one where I learned where the Queen buys her underwear. Seriously.
  35. Have Canadian Thanksgiving in London and surround yourself with other teachers from across Canada.
  36. Brag to your friends "back home" about how you're teaching and making good money.
  37. Post your photos on facebook and have them envy your travels and adventures in teaching.
  38. Did I mention there are plenty of teaching jobs in London?
  39. Boost your resume with experience in inner city London schools. Schools in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa will value this experience more than volunteering in your local school.
  40. Use Interactive Whiteboards every day. Again, schools in Canada value this experience as we are heading in the same direction with technology in our schools.
  41. Learn what diverse schools are really like.
  42. Teach hip hop dance, African drumming, Turkish name it! Schools in London really value your skills and want you to be involved in extracurricular activities. I even started a Hip Hop Dance Club for years 5-6 in my first school and taught myself how from a DVD. It was very funny (I am really not a great dancer, and I'm the first to admit it!) and the students loved it.
  43. London pubs are truly wonderful places. Teachers will actually go to the pub with you on a Friday after school! You won't feel like an outcast for wanting to have a pint (I know plenty of schools here that would frown upon this idea).
  44. Teaching in London is fun and often very funny. You have to laugh easily & often to truly enjoy the experience. It's hard, but if you have a good sense of humour you'll love it.
  45. You'll finally have something to write about in your teacher blog.
  46. Friends and family will visit you in London, England and will want to travel around Europe with you.
  47. With Classroom Canada, you can make new friends that will travel with you as well. Our teachers are in Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and France this week!
  48. You can drink lots of tea in the school staff rooms and learn to say "have a cuppa" and not giggle every time.
  49. You can tell the students to use their rubbers.
  50. You will discover if you're meant to be a teacher within a year of teaching in London.
  51. You can take the tube and buses and not have to spend your mornings in traffic driving.
  52. It's an adventure that will make you a better teacher and person.
Want to know more? Read the Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians.
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