Saturday, September 6, 2008

Music to Inspire Teachers in London

When I was teaching in London, I did some tutoring in the evenings to make some extra cash (I brought in an extra 800 pounds/month but that's another story for another post).

Anyway, I taught this one Afgani family near the Warwick Avenue tube station every Tuesday and Thursday night. Their 5 member family lived in a tiny 2 bedroom flat in the area. I tutored the 3 kids in math and English, and grew quite fond of them over the months. I also became quite attached to the area around Warwick Avenue, and particularly this one coffee shop that I was a regular at.

So, when my colleague Nicole told me I had to listen to Duffy's song, Warwick Avenue, I knew I had to have a listen. And boy, was she right! I now listen to her album whenever I need a little bit of London music to bring me back. It's incredible how music can bring back so many memories.

Which brings me to you, dear readers. You probably know of a few songs that make you get all dreamy about London. If you're not sure, the Time Out has compiled a list of their 50 favourite London songs. It was published in 2006, so Duffy's song isn't on there, but I'm sure it would have been otherwise.

Check out Duffy's Warwick Avenue music video

What's your favourite music with a London theme? Or even better, do you know of any music with an inner city school teaching theme? I'd love to hear it!

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