Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians

Finally, a fun, clear and easy to understand guide that covers everything you need to know about teaching in London, England...written just for Canadians!

In this guide, you'll find:
  • job hunting advice
  • visa advice
  • uk curriculum guidance
  • lesson planning
  • assessment strategies
  • supply teaching tips & advice
  • interviews with canadian teachers in london
  • honest & clear advice
  • comprehensive resources
  • true stories from the front-line
  • interviews with recruiters in london
  • accommodation advice
  • everything you need to know!
It's almost done. One more week, and this book will be available to purchase online.

I have to admit my pride in this little project - 4 years of teaching, helping other teachers, hiring teachers, firing teachers and opening a new teacher agency has brought this book to life. Wow. In case you can't read the author, that's me - Victoria Westcott. Caroline Bishop did the art design, and is an incredible graphic designer.

It's an ebook, so that you can read it and click on the links as you go, making it a more comprehensive guide than a typical paper book. You can get it as an actual book as well, so if you prefer to hold the book in your hands you can.

The website isn't ready yet, but will be
What do you think? Is this something you would be keen to read?

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  1. Congrats Victoria! From the overview you gave, it seems like you're expanding on many things that you've discussed with us in interviews, blogs, and emails. It's very cool that you're publishing this! Best of luck with it! :D


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