Thursday, August 7, 2008

Teach the World in London, England

Laura Potter wrote an article for the Observer newspaper about the 26 000 children that arrive in Britain every year. In it, she interviews 12 recent arrivals from different countries about what they love in Britain, what they hate, how they ended up there, where they came from, what they miss the most and where they hope to live one day.

It's a long read, but very interesting for someone from Canada to read about what the kids are like in Britain. I know I had a different idea of what the kids would be like when I taught in London. I watched movies based in England to prepare myself - movies like About a Boy. I thought the kids would be tough, because that's what everyone says anyway. But I never understood just why they would be tough. I still don't have any more answers on this subject, but now I know where the kids come from and that their lives are often more complicated than I could ever understand.

Laura Potter's article at least shows an outsider where the kids might come from and how they came to Britain. London is an incredibly diverse city, which is why we say "Teach the World in London, England." I don't believe there's any other city in the world with the diversity that London has. If you want to teach in another culture, London has them all in one small space. The teachers are also from around the world, making it a truly multicultural school environment.

But what do you think? I am very curious to read about other teachers' experiences in big Canadian cities as well. If you were to interview 12 students in your class, would you have similar replies as Potter has?

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