Monday, August 25, 2008

Movies About Teaching in London: Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch
is a book written by Nick Hornby in 1992 about an Arsenal Football fan that is fanatical for football. It was turned into a film in 1997. Colin Firth plays the main character, and it's a brilliant film for teachers considering the move to teaching in London. Firth happens to play a high school teacher, so you will see plenty of scenes set in a North London school.

Here's why I think you should watch Fever Pitch:

1. It presents a realistic view of London life.

2. If you know nothing about football and the extreme enthusiasm you will encounter while living in London, then you better learn now. Arsenal is the team that the vast majority of my students in London support. I taught in a few schools around the Arsenal stadium, and they even rent out their parking during game time to fundraise for the schools! The Arsenal players sometimes visit the schools as well. This team is BIG for the students in North London in particular.

3. If you hate soccer, then watch this film. It will warm your heart and make you love the sport.

4. Colin Firth is in good form in his early acting years.

5. You can see the inside of a secondary school in London and what the students are like. The students in this film are quite well behaved (it is a movie after all) and you will likely encounter more low level behaviour issues than is presented here. It's still good to watch anyway.

It's also a good idea to read Nick Hornby's books that are mostly set in North London. Remember High Fidelity? Also a Hornby book originally. About a Boy is another Hornby book turned into a movie (with Hugh Grant).

There are heaps of other great movies set in London to watch. I will try to present one every week or two here in this blog. Please provide your recommendations in the comments section. Thanks!

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