Friday, August 29, 2008

Mind Maps, Interactive Whiteboards and Teaching in London

I stumbled across this little video and thought I should share it with you, dear readers. And here's why: it shows two teaching tools that you need to know about if you want to teach in London.

1. Interactive Whiteboards

You may know these as "smart boards" or "IWBs" or "those crazy cool computer screens that they use in London instead of chalkboards." This video shows some of the changes that you will make in your teaching. I'm not sure if ConceptDraw is a particular program for IWBs, but I have used similar programs at the schools I've worked at in London. You can also even have a hyperlink directly to a website that you want to use in your lesson.

Just imagine using the above video in your next math lesson. It's Darth Vadar explaining the Pythagorean Theorem. That's some funny stuff.

Do you think your students would learn and remember the formula after watching this?

2. Mind Maps

Mind Maps have become more & more popular in the past few years in London schools. I've personally used them to introduce topics in math and then again as a plenary (or conclusion) to a unit.

I once held a contest with year 6 students, where they had to mind map every thing they had learned in math class with me. It was a huge project that took them about a week to complete.
They thought it was very cool because they got to use coloured pencils and design their own however they liked.

The prize? Hot chocolate over their recess with me, which the whole class won of course.

The learning? Well, it was a basic exercise in review. In drawing their mind maps, they showed themselves and the teachers what they had learned, how they applied it and what they still need help with. It was actually fun as well.

If you don't know much about mind maps yet, here's some good links for you:
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