Friday, August 15, 2008

Coffee Time with a Recruitment Consultant

Every few weeks we will be introducing you to one of our Recruitment Consultants in London through these emails. These are the hard-working people that match the right teacher to the right position in the right school. They get to know their schools and their teachers incredibly well. Now it's your turn to get to know a bit more about them.

So sit back, relax, grab a latte and enjoy the chat.

Recruitment Consultant Name: Matthew Peck

Education - BA (Honours) Psychology

Position within Classroom: Manager of the Primary Division (Elementary Teachers)

So, what made you want to work as a Recruitment Consultant?
I taught in Japan for two years on the JET programme and then went travelling round Australia and did recruitment over there. When I returned I combined the two experiences and decided educational recruitment was for me!

Did you work with another agency before Classroom?

Yes I worked for 2 other agencies - we all make mistakes! At Classroom - there is a relaxed family feeling which is why I have been here for so long.

How long have you been working with Classroom for?

5 long years. I started out one of the youngest and am now one of the oldest!

What's your favourite part of your job?

Its the obvious answer but I get a real buzz out of seeing teachers secure the jobs they want and knowing we have contributed positively to their London experience.

What could you do without?

I can do without the 7am phone calls on a Monday morning when the teachers call in announcing they are sick to their stomach. Amazing how sensitive supply teachers stomachs are - especially when its a really sunny day......

Now that you know Canadian teachers as well as you do, tell us a common theme in their adjustment to teaching in London:

For Canadians I think the adjustment is the same as for anyone coming to a foreign city to live. Its the fear of the unknown and London can seem so vast. Its great however to see how all of the Canadian teachers within a couple of months become "London wise" and are soon immersed in the cities culture!

What advice can you offer a teacher considering the big move across the pond?

Be ready for an adventure, be open to everything and fight the home sickness at every turn because when you are in your thirties and running a job, family and home you will look back on your London adventure as the "time of your life" ... believe me - I know!

What personality traits do you think make for the most successful teacher?

There are so many but the number one trait would have to be resilience. Never give up however bad things may seem and be able to dust yourself down after a bad day and remember that tomorrow will be another much better day! A supply teacher has great days and not so great days - but never lose faith.

Tell us a story about something funny or heart-warming that has occurred in your time with Classroom.

Funny things and heart warming things happen all the time at Classroom - so its hard to pinpoint one particular story. Instead I will relay a couple of the more interesting excuses for taking a sickie that I have been given in my time as a recruitment consultant at Classroom.


3. "I'm sorry I can't go in to school today - there is no one to look after my dog and it cant be left alone since we were burgled"

2. "I'm sorry I can't go in to school today - My feet are hurting so I need to go home and change my shoes"

1. "I'm sorry I can't go in to school today - I was preparing myself a boiled egg for breakfast when the egg exploded in my face and I have to go the Chemist to get cream"!!

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