Monday, July 28, 2008

Teaching in London: Important Words for Canadian Teachers to Learn & Use

After teaching in London for a few months, you'll quickly learn the lingo of Londoners and particularly the slang of the children.

Here's a handy little list of words you need to know to make it through your first week anyway.

British Term – Canadian Term

Alright? How are you? (note that this is a rhetorical question and you'll get strange looks if you actually start saying how you are!)
anti-social behaviour order
bird girl or chick
cash pointATM or cash machine
chavequivalent to “trailer park trash” - not PC but you're bound to hear it
cinemamovie theatre
cuppa- cup of tea
fancy dress costume party
bangs (hair)
local pub (as in “Meet me at my local”)
over the moonpleased or happy
pantsunderwear (can also be used as a negative adjective, as in “my job is really pants”)
shattered/knackered very tired
snog kissing
subway underground path (allows you to cross from one side of the road to the other)
take-awaytake-out or food to go
traffic warden meter maid/man
trainerssneakers, running shoes
trousers pants
tube subway train
rubbish bingarbage can
pavement sidewalk
vest tank top

The above list is taken from Living in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians, written by Network Canada.

Here, we've added a few more words for
Canadian teachers in London:

rubber - eraser
break recess
“cussing my____” (fill in the blank with Mum, or name, or mate...) - making fun of, putting down
innitisn't it?
taking the mick (or mickey)making fun of (teens and adults might say “taking the piss” instead)
chuffedhappy, excited
to pull or to be pulledto pick up or get picked up (at a bar/club)
corridor - hallway
Head Teacher - principal
Deputy Head Teacher - vice-principal
SENCO - Special Needs Coordinator
Key Stage (1, 2, 3, 4) - primary, junior, intermediate, senior
Early Years (Nursery & Reception) - Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten
Hall - gymnasium (usually also where the children eat lunch in primary schools)
Jumper - sweater

Can you think of any more that we've forgotten? Please add them to our comments.

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